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The team at Avenue Advising understands the complexities you face in finding high-quality candidates with a unique blend of qualifications and experience that will benefit your organization. Our expertise in interviewing, screening, and matching skill-sets, combined with a wide array of recruitment strategies and system technologies, delivers top-caliber individuals to you.


Executive Search: Addressing executive, senior-level, or middle-management recruitment takes experience, exceptional network connections, and staffing expertise. As industry specialists, we can better reach, connect with and deliver the C-suite, President, Vice President, Director, and other senior management professionals who best serve your needs, position parameters, and budget.

Key Hire Search: For non-executive, specialized, service, or hard-to-fill positions, we offer our Key Hire Search process. Using our proprietary custom search strategy, we begin by identifying and locating top candidates most likely to be an asset and make a solid contribution to your organization. Next, we continue qualifying and evaluating them to ensure an ideal fit for optimum results. Then, using non-traditional resources, we hone in on candidates that stand out from the pack – even if they are employed with one of your competitors! Our relationship-based search strategy includes our massive database and comprehensive network of industry professionals, referrals, and other trusted resources. With a keen understanding of your needs, we are better able to secure the proper referrals to recruit the right key talent.

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