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Avenue Advising has specialized in the placement of professional insurance, financial services, and HR services professionals since 2018. Our recruiting expertise covers various positions: executive level, managers, underwriters, account managers, account executives, producers, advisors, and other specialists.

We are with you at every step of the process, from submitting your resume and arranging interviews to providing feedback and negotiating salary.



Partnering With You to Meet Your 21st Century Recruiting Needs

The team at Avenue Advising understands the complexities you face in finding high-quality candidates with a unique blend of qualifications and experience that will benefit your organization. Our expertise in interviewing, screening, and matching skill-sets, combined with a wide array of recruitment strategies and system technologies, delivers top-caliber individuals to you.


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What makes a top tier manager

Top managers show genuine concern for their staff. By building trusting relationships with their team, they foster an open and positive workplace.

Your red-carpet interview

First impressions aren’t always accurate, but they can still be hard to forget, so it’s always preferable to start off on the right foot rather than to make up ground later.

Why choose insurance as a career?

Insurance is a fact of life – it’s everywhere. People will always need it. There will always be risk, there will always be a need to reduce that risk, so there will always be work for people in insurance.


Avenue Advising connects qualified candidates with companies looking to hire. Growing careers together since 2018.


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