Why choose insurance as a career?

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Insurance will always be needed

Insurance is a fact of life – it’s everywhere. People will always need it. There will always be risk, there will always be a need to reduce that risk, so there will always be work for people in insurance. It’s no coincidence that international insurance companies are so successful, they sell something for which there is and always will be a very high demand.

A dynamic industry

You might have an image of insurance as a stuffy and bureaucratic industry, but you’d be wrong. In fact, insurance is a dynamic industry where innovation and development of new ideas and products is highly appreciated. Technology and innovation are now at the very heart of the industry and there is plenty of room for young people with a ‘can-do’ attitude to change the way things are done.

Good earnings and benefits

Insurance is a profitable industry, so there is a good salary to be had. There is also security in insurance and it is unique in that it can offer exceptional benefits to employees in the industry. In any job, your insurance and employee benefits are a key consideration, but nobody can offer better insurance than insurers. If you ever want to start a family, you’ll be glad you’re in insurance.

Plenty of room to grow

You can scale any heights you wish in the insurance industry. Why be hampered by a stifling advancement structure when you can benefit from regular professional reviews and the opportunity to shoot for the moon in your career?

You’re selling peace of mind

That is, in effect, what insurance provides. We live in a complex society with a lot of potential risk factors. Insurance allows people and businesses to put aside their worries and concentrate on the things that matter.

The good days are the best

Anyone in insurance will tell you, when you get to make that call to tell someone they’re covered, or they’ll be looked after in their time of need is just the greatest feeling in the world. That’s what they’re really in insurance for – for days like those. All the other stuff is great though too!



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