What makes a top tier manager

  1. Top managers show genuine concern for their staff. By building trusting relationships with their team, they foster an open and positive workplace. These managers have a team where employees feel supported and engaged.
  2. Great managers care about performance and their people as individuals. They drive performance by determining metrics that matter most to each person which helps to motivate individual performance.
  3. The best managers value and invest in talent. Keeping an eye on an individual’s strengths, they position people into areas and tasks that use their greatest strengths.
  4. People trust a good manager because they know that she has personal integrity. Workers need to know that she will fight for them, do what she says and follows the rules.
  5. A great manager is dependable, reliable and trustworthy. His staff should know that he can be counted on. They should know that they can discuss anything with him and that it goes no further than his office.
  6. A successful manager remains calm in stressful situations. They do not let their staff see when the pressure gets to them.
  7. A stellar manager is an exceptional communicator, whether that is written or verbal. They are amazing listeners. They make sure to listen to their staff and acknowledge their feelings.
  8. And finally, an exceptional manager is respectful of their staff if they are to have respect as a manager. It is up to him or her to set the example and build relationships of respect.


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